Value creating wooden constructions!


We build wooden laminated log houses, which characterize strength and stability. Laminated logs durability is higher by 60 % than ordinary wood structure.

Wooden houses are associated with health and relaxation. The house, which you are building, should be designed to make you feel comfortable.

Wood is the most natural and oldest building material. It is breathable.

Wood is environmentally friendly building materials from re-growing resources. It allows keeping the most favorable humidity for your health. Wood is antistatic and helps to avoid dust clusters. This feature is assessed by allergic people.

Our technology and knowledge allows us to build high quality reliable laminated log houses for your healthy life.

LOG house projects:

Log profiles:

Heat transfer coefficient (U):

Log thickness

Heat transfer incl.

150 mm wool insulation

Heat transfer incl.

200 mm wool insulation

80 mm

0.23 W/m²K

0.18 W/m²K

95 mm

0.22 W/m²K

0.18 W/m²K

120 mm

0.21 W/m²K

0.17 W/m²K

140 mm

0.21 W/m²K

0.17 W/m²K

160 mm

0.20 W/m²K 

0.16 W/m²K

180 mm

0.20 W/m²K

0.16 W/m²K

200 mm

0.19 W/m²K

0.15 W/m²K


Outside insulation Inside insulation       Single (plane)       Double (plane)


Open beams           Semi-open beams Hidden beams        Ordinary   


          350 mm                   300 mm             250 mm         Above view
Roof structureRoof raftersTruss with bracing


    Wooden floor     Heating floor